Peach Picking

Monday, August 22, 2016

I'm taking in all of these last few minutes of our last morning with our babysitter before she leaves for college.  I'm enjoying every sip of my vanilla latte and it's the nicest morning after weeks of non-stop crazy humidity!

Today Reid is 21 months old and we're in such a better place right now after months of crazy attachment.  More on that another day.

Today is also the first day of teacher in-service at my old school.  And part of me is so thrilled to be sitting in Starbucks right now instead of the high school auditorium, but school and work have been on my mind a lot lately.  This was when I was hoping to go back to school before my leave was cut short in January.  Regardless I'm going with the whole "It just wasn't meant to be..."

And now onto our peach picking day last week.

On Friday we went peach picking with our friends, like we've done for years.  It was hot, but it is one of my favorite traditions (and apple picking with them in September too!)

We went in with a goal of 21 peaches, but within minutes Carter far surpassed that and we left with 15.4 pounds of peaches!  Carter is a picking machine despite the fact that he doesn't eat peaches.  And Reid, well we tried to train him to find the good peaches off of the trees, but he insisted on picking up all of the fallen, bruised ones!  

  And after the peaches we headed to the blackberry bushes where Carter continued with his picking and actually tried a blackberry that was in his mouth for seconds before completely spit out!

And after sweating in the orchard we went to cool down with a smoothie and taught Grace all about Snapchat!

We gave our neighbors some of our peaches and last night we OD'd on peach cobbler and still have tons of peaches!

Now we can't wait for our next picking day in a few weeks!


  1. Peach cobbler is the absolute best! I need to make one this summer. Love all of the photos. Looks like such a great time. I hear ya on the school thing. It's all good Momma.

  2. What a fun morning! I love all the pictures!

  3. Send some of those peaches my way, YUM! Seriously jealous of your quiet mornings in Starbucks to yourself :-)

  4. That's a ton of peaches! I love the pictures.

  5. Oh these pictures are the cutest! One of my favorite peach recipes is from the pioneer woman... Peach crumble with a maple cream sauce I believe!

  6. That looks so fun! I just made a post today about how I went apple picking! I wish we had peaches here in San Diego to pick. It was a blast picking apples and it looks like you guys had a great time picking peaches!

    xo Nicole


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