Five on friday 9.30.16

Friday, September 30, 2016

This week Carter woke up with ear pain so we had a visit to the ENT and missed school for both boys.  We went to a fair and had a delicious milkshake!  Carter rocked a dentist appointment with X-rays even (Reid's behavior on the other hand...) and we're surviving some majorly rainy days.  We're hoping the rain clears for some apple picking this weekend and I'm so excited to go to DC to see my college friends for brunch on Sunday!  Now onto my five!


This week finally feels like fall and for the first time in months I broke out some long sleeves and jeans!  And the online orders are rolling in!  I just cannot think about fall when it's in the 80's.  I also broke down and bought some pumpkins!  I usually wait until October for pumpkins but the minute my Hooray Everyday fall garland arrived I was inspired to decorate!  

I just got these jeans and I've worn them 2, ok 3 days in a row.    Somehow during our move in May I  lost a pair of my everyday jeans.  And the only other jeans I have that fit are distressed.  So I felt like I needed some non-holey jeans for the more mom-appropriate activities.

They are so soft and comfy that I almost don't have to change into leggings when we get home (but I still do.)  I ordered my usual size, but thought for a minute about exchanging for a smaller size.  The waist is a little big for me but the legs fit (typical for me) so I just have to wear a belt.     

The good news is they haven't stretched- even after 3 days of wear!  And they're $59.  


I'm not into selfies usually but I did post a selfie for  #fallingforfallphotos on IG and a bunch of people commented on my shirt.  It was a Nordstrom Anniversary sale find and was only $15.  It's super soft and I love the fall color but when I took it off I noticed it's dry clean only.  What?!  If you are still interested it's Lush and you can find some colors on sale ($14) here and other colors here.

I have a similar Caslon pocket tee that's cotton and machine washable that I like and found a few colors on sale ($8) this week so I ordered another one.  


I've been reading and researching a bunch of natural deodorants.  My biggest worry about switching from my good old Secret is the rash that a lot of reviewers said they got.  My hairdresser highly recommended Fresh.  But seriously, $19 for deodorant!??!  

I'll be honest girls, I think I'm gonna try it.  I love Fresh products and they smell so good and she said it works great.  If you have other suggestions please share!  I'll be back in a few weeks with a full review of my $19 deodorant.


I went to Sephora to buy it and read the ingredients and it has aluminum in it so I talked to the sales girl and she recommended this instead.  ($16) So I bought it.  I'll be back with a review soon.


I went to a Pinterest pumpkin party last week and I was totally inspired by the Good Housekeeping cover.  I had some similar ideas on my fall Pinterest board from years ago but couldn't believe that the pumpkins on the cover aren't painted, but instead they used balloons!  

Of course the day of the party we were driving home from the beach and were stuck in tons of traffic so I was an hour late for the party and didn't stop for balloons and instead just painted my pumpkins.  But I'm intrigued...

Here's how my mini modern pumpkins turned out. 

Hope it's feeling like fall by you!

Friday five!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Hooray for fall!  I had a delicious PSL this week and for a quick minute it felt like fall.  Now it's back to 88 degrees, but the forecast looks promising for jeans weather this weekend.  We're headed to the beach and then coming home for a Pinterest Pumpkin party.  Now onto my five...


A bunch of people have asked for the car update....

photo cred: Christian (he insisted on a pic of me with the car for the blog!)
 We ended up getting a Toyota Highlander last weekend and I love it!  We himmed and hawed for a while about when we should get a car and what it should be.  We were between an Acura MDX and the Highlander.  We decided we needed the option of 3 rows of seats for carpooling reasons.  And being a safety girl I was all about the blind spot monitoring and cross traffic sensors.

This is a pretty huge change from my previous car, a 2005 Lexus RX.  It had a tape deck.  

Time to read the manual- who are we kidding?!  Time for a husband tutorial!

It's also time for the re-learning of many car habits---for all of us!  Carter already has hand prints all over his window, Reid threw a lollipop stick on the floor, and I'm really trying to throw out my Starbucks cups when we get home.  It's a work in progress.


Image result for this is us
I guess I'm the only person who didn't watch "This is Us" and I obviously need to get to On Demand right now.


Image result for friday night lights

But what I have started watching and loving is Friday Night Lights!!  I don't know why I didn't watch this years ago...

Image result for chatbooks image
I just ordered my first chatbook.  I know I'm years behind.  But I'm thinking this could lead to much more posting on IG solely for the reason of printing the pics with captions.


You know you love chocolate chip cookies and brownies and then you see a dessert with both of them in it and it sounds awesome but then you try it and it's just gross?!?!

Well these are not like that.  They are awesome.  Get one!  

Happy Weekend! 

Five on Friday 9.16.16

Friday, September 16, 2016

Image result for hooray for friday

It's been a while since I've pulled it together to post on a Friday.  Reid's short naps and life in general have prevented any major blogging time. It was a big week with school starting but the highlight of my week was going to NY to see my NYC girls on Sunday!  We sat around chatting for hours and it was so good to catch up!   And now onto my five...

Shark Steam Cleaner
Image result for shark professional steam pocket mop
I admit in the last 6 months I have become somewhat cleaning-obsessed.  When you are home all the time a mess and clutter will make you crazy!  We can thank my friend for introducing me to first, the Dyson cordless, and now the Shark Professional Steam Cleaner.

I was telling her about how I get on my hands and knees to clean our hardwood floors almost daily.  I love Method Almond cleaner, but she thought that was ridiculous and said I needed a steam cleaner.  And she was right!

I got a major good deal ($49) at BJ's a few weeks ago and I've used in a bunch of times!  It's so much easier!  I love that it only uses steam and not unnecessary cleaning products.  And you just wash the cloths in the washing machine.

Rodan and Fields Update

Image result for rodan and fields redefine pm cream
I started Reverse in the beginning of summer but got nervous about using the retinol twice a day because of the sun and being afraid that it was too harsh for my skin.  So I continued using it every night and just using Burt's Bees Sensitive cleanser and the R&F SPF in the morning.

So when it was time to re-order I just wasn't sure I wanted to continue Reverse and instead decided to try the Redefine PM cream.  So far I really like it.  I'm using the Reverse scrub at night and then the PM cream and eye cream.


2 weeks ago I went for my first run in years!  I can't actually remember when my last run was...maybe 3 years ago?  Since I had some issues after Carter's birth and during my pregnancy with Reid I couldn't even think about running but I really miss working out and one day I thought it was time to try!

My music on my phone was all messed up so I kept stopping to figure it out on that first run, but then I've gone two more times with only one walk break and it feels so great!  I'm hoping to run twice a week.  It's amazing how it changes your body and makes you feel so much better!
I will need to make a few running purchases, like some new sports bras and running shoes, and probably some shorts too!  After LOVING Athleta for swim suit tops this summer I just ordered a sports bra (on major sale) and a bathing suit (on major sale) for next year.

I'd also love music recommendations...I can only listen to Lady Gaga on repeat for so long!


I'm currently still in my full-on summer uniform- J.Crew shorts and a t-shirt.  But today it's 74 degrees and for the first time I thought about pumpkins!  I even got a pumpkin coffee today at Dunkin Donuts but threw it out after about 6 sips.  #Starbucksgirl

I'm getting excited to decorate for fall!  I'm getting mums this weekend and got a new fall wreath at homegoods today!

Car shopping

We've been car shopping for the last few weeks and may possibly get a new car this week!!!  Both of our cars are old and over 150,000 miles so it's definitely time!  It will take me weeks to learn all the new features of a new car, compared to our old ones but I'm so excited for blind spot alerts and cross traffic monitoring--officially old!  But seriously backing out of Target parking spots will never be the same!

We'll see if it works out!!

Reid's first day of preschool: 2's

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Sweet Reid went to school for the first time yesterday morning!  I was super nervous that he'd scream and wouldn't let go of me.  But it was quite the opposite!

Taking pictures went about as well as you'd expect it to go!  These were the best of the bunch!  It was such chaos that I totally forgot to put his dinosaur backpack on before we took them.

He just watched Carter get his pictures done on Monday so I think that helped.

 I can't believe my boys are old enough for their first day of school pic!

Then when we got to school we walked Carter to his room and he waved good-bye.  Then we walked to Reid's classroom and he said hi to his teacher.  And I carried him in and then he practically jumped out of my arms to run to the play kitchen.  He was running around from toy to toy so happily!

There was a Kissing Hand project for us to do, but he had no time for that.  So I kind of said good-bye, afraid to disrupt his excitement and I left.  My friend stopped by at 10am and said he was happily playing with cars when she peeked in!  But at pick up he looked pretty unsure and his teacher said he cried off and on for a while.  So we'll see what tomorrow brings- I'm thinking drop off will be a bit harder since now he knows that I leave....

Regardless I think this is so good for him. And I had a lovely hour and a half to myself.  I went for a run and then sat on our patio for a few minutes before running to pick him up!   I'm so ready for a routine and thankful that the school allowed him to be in the 2's class, even though he missed the cut-off!

Carter: Pre-K

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Since we moved to a different school district we decided to switch Carter from his Montessori school to a regular preschool this year.  We figured this way he'll get to know some kids in our district before Kindergarten and feel comfortable in a more traditional school atmosphere.

His teacher came to meet us at our house 2 weeks ago.  She did an assessment and took his picture and gave him homework (which he loved!)  Then last week we went to an Open House to see his classroom and was that ever overwhelming for him.  He was deer-in-the-headlights.  There were lots of kids and parents and siblings.  A group of boys were playing and I tried to get him to play but he shook his head adamantly- NO!  

Then on Sunday night we were talking about school the next day and he got scared.  He voiced that he was afraid because he doesn't know anyone.  So Monday morning we got his things all ready, we took his pictures at home and then drove to school.  And as we got out of the car we heard a little boy in his class crying because he didn't want to go.  We tried to help him come in and befriend him.  And then Carter declared, I'm not nervous at all!  How things changed in a few minutes!

We went into his classroom and he happily hugged and kissed me and Reid and said "See ya in the car line!"  I was so impressed!  We've come a long way since our daycare drop offs!

In the car line his teacher said he had a great day and he hopped in the car and said "I wasn't scared at all!"  Then later said, "It was pretty cool.  I could stay there all day."  He was so excited to show me his homework and is already looking forward to going tomorrow!

Floating Shelf Project

Thursday, September 8, 2016

For years this space above our kitchen sink was empty.  

The metal shelf pieces are sitting on the counter. 
I would sit clear glass jars on the counter but I just never loved it.  Then when we moved back this year I hung a canvas there and it was fine, but I decided shelves were exactly what we needed to fill the space.

So I ordered the floating metal pieces from Etsy.  And Christian assured me this would be a quick project.  He went all around looking for nice wood for the shelves but in the end we just went with plain 2 x 10s.  

Hanging the shelves proved to be a bit more challenging than he anticipated.  But I love them now that they are almost done.  I think they are perfect for filling the space! 

Still to do: stain them (a natural color) and spruce up some kitchen accessories to style them!

Little projects like these are making such a big difference in our "old" house!  


Friday, September 2, 2016

We're at the beach for the weekend but the forecast is not looking so we may be cutting our weekend a bit short.

 Since it's September I thought I'd do a little reminiscing about August.

I'm taking in these last, hot summer days and appreciating how wonderful it is to sit outside while the boys entertain themselves with the water table and water squirters and the hose.  

The other afternoon Reid was happily pouring water from one container to another and Carter was making up a game with dinosaurs on the rock wall and I thought--- oh how we're going to miss this in a few months when we're stuck inside.

I'm also enjoying these last few years of Carter wearing what I want him to wear.  I've been checking out all these back to school pics from elementary school and seeing the clothes these boys are wearing- our striped shorts and native days are coming to an end so I'm treasuring these cute outfits while I can!  

We spent many mornings at Dutch Wonderland in August with cousins and friends.

Just this week he went on the swings for the first time and that's his new favorite ride! 
(And Reid will tell you that the Pandas is his favorite ride.)

 I also surprised Carter a few times after dinner and just he and I went to ride a few rides or go down the water slide (over and over with no line!)  Those evenings were the best!

We had a few cooler days when it wasn't 95 degrees and super humid so we played at playgrounds for the first time since May!  We celebrated a bunch of friends' birthdays and we went to the Philadelphia zoo, the pool, and a splash pad too.

This week their teachers came to meet us and next week we go to see the classrooms and then it's back to (pre)school!  

And although we had lots of summer fun I think I'm almost ready for cool mornings and apples and                                                         finally being able to wear my blardigan!