Five on Friday 9.16.16

Friday, September 16, 2016

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It's been a while since I've pulled it together to post on a Friday.  Reid's short naps and life in general have prevented any major blogging time. It was a big week with school starting but the highlight of my week was going to NY to see my NYC girls on Sunday!  We sat around chatting for hours and it was so good to catch up!   And now onto my five...

Shark Steam Cleaner
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I admit in the last 6 months I have become somewhat cleaning-obsessed.  When you are home all the time a mess and clutter will make you crazy!  We can thank my friend for introducing me to first, the Dyson cordless, and now the Shark Professional Steam Cleaner.

I was telling her about how I get on my hands and knees to clean our hardwood floors almost daily.  I love Method Almond cleaner, but she thought that was ridiculous and said I needed a steam cleaner.  And she was right!

I got a major good deal ($49) at BJ's a few weeks ago and I've used in a bunch of times!  It's so much easier!  I love that it only uses steam and not unnecessary cleaning products.  And you just wash the cloths in the washing machine.

Rodan and Fields Update

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I started Reverse in the beginning of summer but got nervous about using the retinol twice a day because of the sun and being afraid that it was too harsh for my skin.  So I continued using it every night and just using Burt's Bees Sensitive cleanser and the R&F SPF in the morning.

So when it was time to re-order I just wasn't sure I wanted to continue Reverse and instead decided to try the Redefine PM cream.  So far I really like it.  I'm using the Reverse scrub at night and then the PM cream and eye cream.


2 weeks ago I went for my first run in years!  I can't actually remember when my last run was...maybe 3 years ago?  Since I had some issues after Carter's birth and during my pregnancy with Reid I couldn't even think about running but I really miss working out and one day I thought it was time to try!

My music on my phone was all messed up so I kept stopping to figure it out on that first run, but then I've gone two more times with only one walk break and it feels so great!  I'm hoping to run twice a week.  It's amazing how it changes your body and makes you feel so much better!
I will need to make a few running purchases, like some new sports bras and running shoes, and probably some shorts too!  After LOVING Athleta for swim suit tops this summer I just ordered a sports bra (on major sale) and a bathing suit (on major sale) for next year.

I'd also love music recommendations...I can only listen to Lady Gaga on repeat for so long!


I'm currently still in my full-on summer uniform- J.Crew shorts and a t-shirt.  But today it's 74 degrees and for the first time I thought about pumpkins!  I even got a pumpkin coffee today at Dunkin Donuts but threw it out after about 6 sips.  #Starbucksgirl

I'm getting excited to decorate for fall!  I'm getting mums this weekend and got a new fall wreath at homegoods today!

Car shopping

We've been car shopping for the last few weeks and may possibly get a new car this week!!!  Both of our cars are old and over 150,000 miles so it's definitely time!  It will take me weeks to learn all the new features of a new car, compared to our old ones but I'm so excited for blind spot alerts and cross traffic monitoring--officially old!  But seriously backing out of Target parking spots will never be the same!

We'll see if it works out!!


  1. Yay for girl time! That always feels so good. Way to go with the running. If I had someone to watch the kids is love to ride my bike. I hear ya on still wearing my summer wardrobe. Ugh, I'm over it and ready for fall. I need mums for my pots and my wreath on my door.

  2. I keep thinking about going on a run even though I hate running...but my phone has no room for music and I can't run without music! Excuses...

  3. The Dyson Cordless is on my list. I told my husband I want it for my birthday! You know you're a mom when...

    Love your blog - found you from 5 on Friday. Happy weekend!

  4. My mom just gave me a Shark steam cleaner yesterday! She already has one, and LOVES it, but she got a new vacuum and they sent her a free steam cleaner with it! I am benefiting from that! I can't wait to use it! Hope you're having a great weekend!

  5. What a great week! Did you get a new car over the weekend? What are you looking at?

  6. New car; how exciting! Can't wait to hear what you get!


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