Friday five!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Hooray for fall!  I had a delicious PSL this week and for a quick minute it felt like fall.  Now it's back to 88 degrees, but the forecast looks promising for jeans weather this weekend.  We're headed to the beach and then coming home for a Pinterest Pumpkin party.  Now onto my five...


A bunch of people have asked for the car update....

photo cred: Christian (he insisted on a pic of me with the car for the blog!)
 We ended up getting a Toyota Highlander last weekend and I love it!  We himmed and hawed for a while about when we should get a car and what it should be.  We were between an Acura MDX and the Highlander.  We decided we needed the option of 3 rows of seats for carpooling reasons.  And being a safety girl I was all about the blind spot monitoring and cross traffic sensors.

This is a pretty huge change from my previous car, a 2005 Lexus RX.  It had a tape deck.  

Time to read the manual- who are we kidding?!  Time for a husband tutorial!

It's also time for the re-learning of many car habits---for all of us!  Carter already has hand prints all over his window, Reid threw a lollipop stick on the floor, and I'm really trying to throw out my Starbucks cups when we get home.  It's a work in progress.


Image result for this is us
I guess I'm the only person who didn't watch "This is Us" and I obviously need to get to On Demand right now.


Image result for friday night lights

But what I have started watching and loving is Friday Night Lights!!  I don't know why I didn't watch this years ago...

Image result for chatbooks image
I just ordered my first chatbook.  I know I'm years behind.  But I'm thinking this could lead to much more posting on IG solely for the reason of printing the pics with captions.


You know you love chocolate chip cookies and brownies and then you see a dessert with both of them in it and it sounds awesome but then you try it and it's just gross?!?!

Well these are not like that.  They are awesome.  Get one!  

Happy Weekend! 


  1. Love your new car!!! It's so pretty. :) You have to watch This Is Us! Girl, it is so good. Get ready to laugh and cry. Have a great weekend.

  2. I love your new SUV! Old habits die hard. I try to be so conscientious in the car, but with the boys it just gets hard. :)

    Girl, get your tissues! It is going to be the new Parenthood, if that is even possible.

    Two words: Tim Riggins.

  3. I feel you, Mama! I just went from a 2001 Lexus, to a 2016 Toyato Corolla... These new cars are so fancy! I have no idea how to use half of the features. Enjoy your new wheels! :)

  4. This Is Us was sooo good. I also liked Pitch. I've been watching Friday Night Lights too though!

  5. I am obsessed with Friday Night Lights.. soo good!!!

  6. Paige I love your new ride !!! Third row is wonderful :) Happy Weekend !

  7. We are finally experiencing some lower temps this week too and I'm so looking forward to it! Your new car is gorgeous and yes, you need to watch This is Us :)


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