five on friday 10.28.16

Friday, October 28, 2016

Last week the boys and I were in our back yard playing in the water table and this week I dug out hats and gloves.  Our fireplace has been on everyday (which I do love!) and I've been drinking hot coffee and even had tea one afternoon.  I'm wearing leggings and a tunic.  NO!!!!  Too cold, too soon.  I'm not ready for this yet.      Luckily tomorrow it's supposed to be 70!

Now a little catch up post and alot of random thoughts this week:

Last Saturday Christian and I went to a "Famous Couples" Halloween Party.  We had a bunch of ideas and were leaning towards Tarek and Christina from Flip or Flop but ultimately decided on Danny & Sandy from Grease.

This was the best pic of us from the night- ugh.  major fail- but at least it was before my curls flattened!

This weekend we have 20 people from our playgroup coming over for pizza before we head to Happy Hauntings at Dutch Wonderland.  And I'm totally lacking ambition for making a Pinterest-worthy party.  My pre-kids self is completely devastated that I'm not spending every waking hour crafting and whipping up cute treats.  Instead we're ordering pizza and maybe I'll make a veggie tray into a Jack-o-lantern shape.  Lame.

I did make an invitation on red stamp.  That counts for something.


I'm really loving essential oils and have even sold Christian on Stress Away!

Carter had a fever yesterday so it's been non-stop Thieves and lemon diffusing.  And I now am diffusing Lavender and lemon at night.  And this week I've been trying different roller balls.  I'm kind of obsessed.


I've made a goal for myself to make Reid's birth/first year album before he's 2.  So I only have a few weeks left.  I've started one at Shutterfly and I'm just not loving that one.  I also started one on MPix and just recently Artifact Uprising.  They just take sooooo long to make.  Any suggestions for where you got one and loved it?

And now some recent pics...


  1. You two looked amazing for the couple's party. I love your costume. Tarek and Christina would have been a great one too. :) I'm a big fan of essential oils too. Thieves has been going nonstop in the diffuser due to sickness going on around us. I want a diffuser for each kiddo's room. Love the photos of the kids. They are absolutely adorable in their festive shirts.

  2. Getting baby albums made is so hard! I always manage to put it off. Your Grease costumes are awesome!!

  3. You guys looks so cute as Danny and Sandy!!! Nailed the look with those costumes!!

  4. I'm a believer in essential oils, too! Also, you two totally rocked Danny & Sandy! I can't get over how good you look!!!

  5. I love the Danny and Sandy costumes! Jess at Just Jess

  6. You guys look adorable! I think your costumes turned out great! Hope your party was a success on Saturday! I'm sure you guys had a blast!


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