Friday Favorites 10.7.16

Friday, October 7, 2016

This week actually kind of flew!  On Sunday I drove to DC for the day and spent hours sitting outside at a restaurant with 2 of my best college friends.  We chatted and drank glass after glass of wine.  We joked that it was like therapy.  I'm so glad I've finally made it to a point where I'm seeing my friends again and starting to get back to who I was pre-kids, even if it's just for an afternoon.  Where would we be without our girls??

And why didn't we take a picture?!?!  I have to use an old one circa 2010.

The rest of the week was full of playground play dates and school and anxiety over Reid's school anxiety.  It's going to get better...I keep telling myself.  We went to another fair so I've had my fill of 
farm animals and prize-winning produce for the year!  

Most days were the perfect fall weather- chilly in the morning and 70's in the afternoon.  But what is up with the bugs?  There have been so many of the teeny bugs flying everywhere (and biting Reid.)  Yesterday all of the slides at the playground were covered in those tiny bugs- gross!

So onto a few of my faves this week:

A repeat from last week because I love them so much....I raved about these jeans...and girls, I'm currently wearing them as I type.  They are so comfy.  $59.  I'm considering getting another color!

I've been looking at grey jeans and when I saw a pair of grey AG jeans on sale I ordered them.  I tried them on and wore them the next day.  Super comfy too- my only concern is ripping the knee hole when I sit with my legs crossed.  And I sit like that all the time.

I saw this on and then when I saw it in the store I grabbed it. 

 And I got this too.  And I finally have a start to our gallery wall.

I love so much of the wall art at Minted and West Elm and could spend hundreds of dollars on our gallery wall,  But $39.99 at Target is more of our budget!  So now I need to find more before hanging everything.

And finally one night while laying in bed I pulled the trigger and ordered another pair of Uggs.  I really went back and forth about whether I should get them but since they are 33% off and a newer, sleeker cut I thought I'd try them and see.  It's been a few years since I've gotten a new pair and I feared that I'd go to order them one day and they'd be full price again!  When winter arrives I'll probably wear them almost we'll see when they arrive.  

 One night this week I was craving cookies and I always know I have an eager baking partner (who makes baking take twice as long and twice as messy...)   Now if I'm really serious I go with this recipe but some nights just call for a good, quick mix & I highly recommend Ghiradelli Triple chocolate chip cookies.  I got a 3 pack at BJ's for less than $6.  They taste better than good old Toll House in my opinion.

Since we got rained out last week apple picking is hopefully going to happen this weekend and probably a trip to the pumpkin farm too AND maybe a final trip to Dutch Wonderland before our season passes end.  Talk about a crazy weekend- ha!


  1. Quality friend time is definitely therapy. I'm so glad you got that time. Love the uggs you ordered. I need to get a pair. They are so warm and comfy and just scream cold weather. Have a great weekend.

  2. Happy Friday, friend! I'm so glad that you got some time for yourself with your girlfriends! That is always so refreshing!

  3. I have a short pair of uggs and a tall pair of bear paws and I actually find the bear paws more comfy! Luckily it's not cold enough to wear them yet though!

  4. I love those prints so cute!! Target is stepping their game up Chelsea @

  5. UGGs are classic. My husband hates them, but they're 100% versatile and for winter up here in the North Country, we need them! Happy Friday :)


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