Halloween 2016

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Carter was about to burst he was so excited to Trick or Treat!  He was bouncing off the walls until it was time!  He loved his Seahawks uniform that even had shoulder pads!  He sprinted down each driveway after he put the candy in his pumpkin and kept a running toll of the number of skittles he got and kept me updated.  He thought it was the best night ever!

And then there was our little fireman.  Reid had a fever the night before and although the fever was gone on Halloween he was super irritable most of the afternoon.  Of course he didn't understand what trick or treating meant so he wasn't really game to keep his costume on or take pictures.  He went from smiling and happy one minute to scowling and throwing his hat the next.  

That pumpkin bucket hit the ground many, many times last night.

During one of his little tantrums he walked away from us to our neighbors front walk where she met him and started putting treats in his pumpkin and he thought that was great.  
So then he was ready to go.  Sort of.   Once we got him in the green push car and he got a hang of trick or treating he was super excited to yell the sweetest little "trick or treeeeeeeet!"  and "thank you" then he would run to me and show me his candy.  But in (almost) two-year old style there were plenty of tears between houses and indecision of whether he wanted to ride, be carried, or walk.  Overall, he loved trick or treating.  We'll blame the not so sweet moments on a little lingering sickness and tiredness. 

I'm disappointed of course that I didn't get a good picture of the boys together and have to settle for this:

So I thought maybe I'd try today for a better one, but this one pretty much sums up Halloween 2016!