Five on Friday 1.27.17

Friday, January 27, 2017

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Last week I wrote about my post-weaning anxiety and my break from blogging and I'm happy to be back with a five on friday!  Just a few randoms about what's been going on...


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I'm working on updating my blog!  I actually downloaded the template and made the changes by myself- I'm proud!  I'm working on changing the name since I don't write too much about being a new momma much anymore.  So Pagmina is a nickname I got in college, it's my IG, Pinterest, and facebook name so I figured that would be an easy change.

I just have to figure out the URL and changing the name everywhere.


Today is a big day for us--the start of our kitchen upgrade!  It wasn't so long ago that we did a complete kitchen renovation at our old house- you can read all about that here.  

But now that we're back in our townhouse we just want to upgrade and update a bit without spending too much money since we aren't planning to stay here forever (although we're still loving being back!)

Today it's the counter tops- going from builder's grade laminate to granite.  And then next week our cabinets are changing from walnut to white!  I'm hoping it lightens up the whole downstairs!


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I've written a bunch of times about how difficult it is for me to find bathing suits and bras. And let me tell you---I'm struggling BIG time!  For the first time ever I went to Nordstrom for a fitting and came home with nothing!!!  She recommended a bra and was going to order it for me, but it isn't made in my size!!  

So online I went---and I've been ordering them from Zappos and Amazon (because, free returns, of course!)  And did you know that you can get Natori and Wacoal and a bunch of other good brands so much cheaper?  

At this point I'm over spending $70 for a bra that kind of fits, so my latest bra that works ok is a hot pink Natori bra that was $15!  

I should add this to my post from Tuesday (splurge vs save!)


On a similar topic- I went to Old Navy this week and picked up a pair of grey pants for Reid that were on sale.  The tag said $8.49.  But when I paid they came up at $1.47!  


The reason I went to ON was because I ordered these jeans online and wasn't sure I had the right size so I went to try on a smaller size.  I ended up keeping the 2's.  And FYI they're $26 (and 8% cash back with ebates!)  


I'm dying over all the adorable heart things for V-day!  Everywhere I go I have to restrain myself from buying everything.  These bowls at West Elm and the whole display at Williams Sonoma

 These ceramic measuring spoons and measuring cups-  1/2 tsp of sunshine, 1 tsp of love- AH!     

Happy weekend!

Show & Tell Tuesday: Splurge vs Steal

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

After my blogging hiatus I thought it would be fun to do some link ups this week! 
 And Show & Tell Tuesday: Steal vs Splurge is right up my alley!

I like to think I'm pretty smart with money and I'm always looking for the best way to buy something and save the most, of course!  

So that is a pre-cursor to my splurges- spoiler alert: I probably got a good deal on them too!  

Some of my rules for shopping.  

1. Never pay full price

2.  Never paying for shipping

3. Make sure you definitely will keep it if it's not free returns or don't buy it if it's not free returns

4. Use ebates

***I've even trained my husband although he still struggles with the no free returns policy.

Let's start with the ways we save $.

  • When it comes to groceries, home essentials etc I always compare prices and buy the least expensive (except PB- Christian is Peter Pan loyal!)  Since I stay at home I have the luxury of time so I know where to get the best deals for most of what we buy so I don't shop exclusively at one store- we frequently go to multiple stores each week (Target, Walmart, Costco, BJs, and our local grocery stores)  Not only does it save us money but also gives us activities to fill the hours!

  • We live 2 minutes from an outlet mall with J.Crew, Gap, Banana Factory so it's so quick and easy to run there.  And I get e-mails all the time with extra coupons.  So although I've been wanting the UGG slippers that were everywhere around Christmas instead I just got a new pair of Gap Factory slippers on sale, with an extra 50% and then a 30% off coupon so I paid $3.86.   Also this week I got a black puffer vest, regularly $64.99 for $10.38.   Deals like that just make my day!

  • As much as I'd love a pair of Rag & Bone jeans, I just can't justify spending that much right now so instead I found $59 jeans at Nordstrom that are so comfy and I actually really love them.   
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  • Most of my other shopping is online so Ebates is my best friend.  I can't recommend it enough.  I have the cash back button in my tool bar so as soon as I go to a website it pops up reminding me to sign in with ebates then I click it and that's all I do!  You get a percentage off of your purchases back in cash.  Free money!  Why wouldn't you do it?!  I'd love if you'd use my link if you want to sign up.  I get some cash for referring you and you get $10.

And now for the splurges:

  • I go by the "cost per wear" equation!  I got a new pair of quilted UGGs this year and they were on sale, but still $191.  But knowing my current day-to-day lifestyle I knew I would wear them a ton and I just prefer UGGs over some other less expensive boots.

  • And my Hunters- totally worth it!  I know I could've gotten much less expensive rain boots- but I look forward to putting them on whenever it rains.  (And...mine are from Costco a few years ago- and were less than $100!)  It's been so rainy lately that I'm thinking I may need to add a pair of red Hunters for variety!

  • A piece of clothing that I really love or a classic staple.  White lacy blouses are my thing.  I can't have enough and if I see one that I love- I buy it.  This year I also got a leather jacket at the Nordstrom sale- totally a splurge but since it's a closet staple I talked myself into keeping it.  

  • Jackets and some clothes for my kids- especially now that Carter's are handed down to Reid- I'll buy him North Face or good quality coats since they'll last for years.  I also splurge and get them a few cute Boden tops or more expensive tops so that they'll have a few cute outfits for pictures and holidays.   Otherwise their play clothes are not expensive.

In other areas I'm pretty balanced.  My skincare is a mix of Rodan & Fields  and Burt's Bees.  My make-up is a mix- Nars tinted moisturizer and MAC eye shadows but Maybelline mascara & NYX lipgloss

And my coffee- I love Starbucks but don't have it everyday.  And although a latte is my favorite, I usually only get a coffee and save the extra $2.

I realize I could go on and on about this topic---how about you?

What are  your secrets for saving?!

Reid: 2 Years

Thursday, January 12, 2017

I'm a few months late but I don't want to forget these things about Reid at 2.

Reid turned 2 on November 22nd.

He talks a lot!  Here are some of his most repeated phrases!

"I so sleepy." 
But he isn't necessarily tired, he says it when he doesn't want to do something or isn't getting his way. 

"Watch bis."   
Over and over as he's putting cars down a slide or putting out a fire with his fire engine.

"What's bat?"   
He points to everything and asks what it is even when he totally knows what it is!

"Bank you!"  
His manners are pretty good and he usually automatically says thank you when you give him something.

"Show you something."  
He grabs your hand and leads you around to explore somewhere.  He says this if we're at a familiar place or a brand new place.  He's ready to explore.

"Take it off." 
He's very particular and if I'm wearing something he doesn't like (a robe, a jacket etc) he'll tell me to take it off.

"Hair down."
 He hates when my hair is up and demands that I put it down.  He will throw a huge tantrum until it's down.  Then when I put it down he immediately laughs and smiles.  

"Mommy comes back."  
Thank you Daniel Tiger,  He says this to reassure himself whenever I go anywhere or he goes to school.

"Mommy loves you"

"Mommy go?"
He says repeatedly if I go somewhere or if I go to a different room for 2 seconds he'll be on the hunt for me.

"Up you."
When he wants to be held.  If I'm cooking or baking he needs to see what I'm doing.

He never says yes.  
He will repeat what you asked him for instead?  "Reid do you want a banana?" Instead of yes he'll say, "Banana."

"I love you" or "I love you too."
Randomly throughout the day.  He includes the too even when I don't say it!

He went through a phase when if he wasn't getting his way he would run to the stairs and climb up  them, knowing he'd get my attention.   

He would lay on the stairs when he wasn't getting what he wanted.

He naps  about 1 hour, but wakes up a beast most days.  He sleeps from about 7:30-7 but goes through phases when he's up closer to 6 and days when he would happily stay in his crib until 8.

He takes things from Carter and runs away smiling and laughing and that makes Carter furious.  Reid's had time outs and apologizes but you can tell he just thinks he's funny.  He also sometimes hits Carter if he's mad.  Oh brothers!

He doesn't eat much.  He loves Life cereal and scrambled eggs and can eat an entire slice of pizza but otherwise we wonder how he's still a little chubby because he hardly eats lunch and dinner.  He does love milk so he drinks a lot of it.

He's into fire engines and dresses up as a fire fighter most days and stands by our fire place holding a bullhorn and pointing a fire extinguisher at it to put it out.  He also loves fixing things and often is carrying around tools.

He's still obsessed with his lovey, bunny.  

Loves the show Fireman Sam and Bob the Builder.

He does well at school and doesn't cry anymore.  At his thanksgiving program he sat in his chair and didn't make a motion or say one word when they were singing songs.  He just sat nicely and watched his teacher.  I thought it was super cute.

We had a small family party for him.  But the night before the party we were at Urgent Care for 2 hours and my anxiety was so high that we ended up just having my sister's family come the next day and then Christian's family another day.

 He told me he wanted a blue birthday party so that's what he got!

We couldn't love him more!

Post-Weaning Depression

Friday, January 6, 2017

I took a bit of a break from my blog.  It was not intentional.  I just had no inspiration or creativity or desire to share.

It all started in October when I decided it was time to wean Reid.  He was, after all 23 months old.  There were a few days when I was actually kind of annoyed that I had to nurse him before nap and just felt like I was over it.  So one day he went down without nursing and we never looked back.  Those first few days were freeing.

But 4 days later I started seeing spots and felt dizzy.  I thought it was from not drinking enough water or the start of an ocular migraine (which I had in the spring.)  And that was the start of daily headaches, insomnia, seeing spots, shoulders so stiff they ached day and night, hundreds of google searches trying to figure out what was wrong with me, and days when I didn't want to get out of bed to deal with my children.

There was very little I could find but a few blogs or articles from girls who seemed to have the same symptoms after weaning.

 I definitely connected it to hormones.  So my OB prescribed me a pill.  But a week or so later I had a migraine so bad I called Christian at work to come home.  And decided it was finally time I went to the family doctor.  She prescribed a pain medication and we discussed possible anxiety but a few days later the pain meds weren't helping and I had come to the conclusion that I was definitely having anxiety (thank you google.)

My breaking point also occurred the day after Carter fell head first off of the monkey bars.  I was sure he had a concussion. (He didn't.) Then a few hours later Carter jumped on the couch and landed on Reid and then Reid couldn't move his arm.  After a 2 hour urgent care visit we luckily realized it was another case of nursemaid's elbow.  But my head was pounding so hard and my shoulders were so stiff that I knew it was time to see my doctor.

I started on an anti-depressant as many of those girls I had found had too.  And within days I felt normal again.  My shoulders were better, my headaches went away, I started enjoying my boys again and feeling less burdened.

I had never been on any medications before and I was resistant at first, but I am so glad I finally decided to give them a try.

It's been about 3 months since the start of this and I am sure that this was all connected to weaning.  Although my doctors won't call it Post-Weaning Depression or Post- Weaning Anxiety I truly think it is.  And I so wish there was more about this so girls like me can figure it out sooner and not feel like I did for 6 weeks- just waiting to snap out of it.

I didn't cry and I didn't feel sad, but my other physical symptoms were obviously how I reacted to my body no longer producing those feel-good hormones from nursing.

My friends have noticed a change in me and I feel so much better.  I know some people are against medications but they truly helped me and I'm not ashamed of it.

Thank you to the sweet girls who checked on me and was wondering where I was.   I'll be back to blogging again soon, hopefully very soon.  And please share this if you know a mom who is weaning or just stopped nursing and is struggling.  I think there are more of us going through this than we know.

***Just a side note- I did not have any of these symptoms when I weaned Carter at 16 months.  I wrote about my nursing and weaning with him here.