Five on Friday 1.27.17

Friday, January 27, 2017

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Last week I wrote about my post-weaning anxiety and my break from blogging and I'm happy to be back with a five on friday!  Just a few randoms about what's been going on...


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I'm working on updating my blog!  I actually downloaded the template and made the changes by myself- I'm proud!  I'm working on changing the name since I don't write too much about being a new momma much anymore.  So Pagmina is a nickname I got in college, it's my IG, Pinterest, and facebook name so I figured that would be an easy change.

I just have to figure out the URL and changing the name everywhere.


Today is a big day for us--the start of our kitchen upgrade!  It wasn't so long ago that we did a complete kitchen renovation at our old house- you can read all about that here.  

But now that we're back in our townhouse we just want to upgrade and update a bit without spending too much money since we aren't planning to stay here forever (although we're still loving being back!)

Today it's the counter tops- going from builder's grade laminate to granite.  And then next week our cabinets are changing from walnut to white!  I'm hoping it lightens up the whole downstairs!


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I've written a bunch of times about how difficult it is for me to find bathing suits and bras. And let me tell you---I'm struggling BIG time!  For the first time ever I went to Nordstrom for a fitting and came home with nothing!!!  She recommended a bra and was going to order it for me, but it isn't made in my size!!  

So online I went---and I've been ordering them from Zappos and Amazon (because, free returns, of course!)  And did you know that you can get Natori and Wacoal and a bunch of other good brands so much cheaper?  

At this point I'm over spending $70 for a bra that kind of fits, so my latest bra that works ok is a hot pink Natori bra that was $15!  

I should add this to my post from Tuesday (splurge vs save!)


On a similar topic- I went to Old Navy this week and picked up a pair of grey pants for Reid that were on sale.  The tag said $8.49.  But when I paid they came up at $1.47!  


The reason I went to ON was because I ordered these jeans online and wasn't sure I had the right size so I went to try on a smaller size.  I ended up keeping the 2's.  And FYI they're $26 (and 8% cash back with ebates!)  


I'm dying over all the adorable heart things for V-day!  Everywhere I go I have to restrain myself from buying everything.  These bowls at West Elm and the whole display at Williams Sonoma

 These ceramic measuring spoons and measuring cups-  1/2 tsp of sunshine, 1 tsp of love- AH!     

Happy weekend!


  1. I am actually browsing Old Navy's website as I read blogs. haha! So excited to see your kitchen updates! What color granite are you going with?

  2. Can't wait to see the kitchen update! Nothing beats getting those steals at Old Navy-I'm so obsessed with that store. And I am dying over those heart bowls! Happy weekend!

  3. I went to Williams Sonoma last week - so many cute Valentine items!

  4. I recently ordered the bra that I like from amazon and I was thrilled it was only $15! That's cheap for a big size like mine!

  5. I can't wait to hear more about the kitchen upgrade! I really need to hit Old Navy soon! Jess at Just Jess

  6. Can't wait to see the kitchen after :) Happy Friday Chelsea @

  7. I had no idea you could order Natori bras on Amazon!!! I should of known since you can find almost anything on there! Haha! Thanks for the tip!!

  8. Loving your new blog design !! And the blog name change :) Happy Weekend !


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