Reid: 2 Years

Thursday, January 12, 2017

I'm a few months late but I don't want to forget these things about Reid at 2.

Reid turned 2 on November 22nd.

He talks a lot!  Here are some of his most repeated phrases!

"I so sleepy." 
But he isn't necessarily tired, he says it when he doesn't want to do something or isn't getting his way. 

"Watch bis."   
Over and over as he's putting cars down a slide or putting out a fire with his fire engine.

"What's bat?"   
He points to everything and asks what it is even when he totally knows what it is!

"Bank you!"  
His manners are pretty good and he usually automatically says thank you when you give him something.

"Show you something."  
He grabs your hand and leads you around to explore somewhere.  He says this if we're at a familiar place or a brand new place.  He's ready to explore.

"Take it off." 
He's very particular and if I'm wearing something he doesn't like (a robe, a jacket etc) he'll tell me to take it off.

"Hair down."
 He hates when my hair is up and demands that I put it down.  He will throw a huge tantrum until it's down.  Then when I put it down he immediately laughs and smiles.  

"Mommy comes back."  
Thank you Daniel Tiger,  He says this to reassure himself whenever I go anywhere or he goes to school.

"Mommy loves you"

"Mommy go?"
He says repeatedly if I go somewhere or if I go to a different room for 2 seconds he'll be on the hunt for me.

"Up you."
When he wants to be held.  If I'm cooking or baking he needs to see what I'm doing.

He never says yes.  
He will repeat what you asked him for instead?  "Reid do you want a banana?" Instead of yes he'll say, "Banana."

"I love you" or "I love you too."
Randomly throughout the day.  He includes the too even when I don't say it!

He went through a phase when if he wasn't getting his way he would run to the stairs and climb up  them, knowing he'd get my attention.   

He would lay on the stairs when he wasn't getting what he wanted.

He naps  about 1 hour, but wakes up a beast most days.  He sleeps from about 7:30-7 but goes through phases when he's up closer to 6 and days when he would happily stay in his crib until 8.

He takes things from Carter and runs away smiling and laughing and that makes Carter furious.  Reid's had time outs and apologizes but you can tell he just thinks he's funny.  He also sometimes hits Carter if he's mad.  Oh brothers!

He doesn't eat much.  He loves Life cereal and scrambled eggs and can eat an entire slice of pizza but otherwise we wonder how he's still a little chubby because he hardly eats lunch and dinner.  He does love milk so he drinks a lot of it.

He's into fire engines and dresses up as a fire fighter most days and stands by our fire place holding a bullhorn and pointing a fire extinguisher at it to put it out.  He also loves fixing things and often is carrying around tools.

He's still obsessed with his lovey, bunny.  

Loves the show Fireman Sam and Bob the Builder.

He does well at school and doesn't cry anymore.  At his thanksgiving program he sat in his chair and didn't make a motion or say one word when they were singing songs.  He just sat nicely and watched his teacher.  I thought it was super cute.

We had a small family party for him.  But the night before the party we were at Urgent Care for 2 hours and my anxiety was so high that we ended up just having my sister's family come the next day and then Christian's family another day.

 He told me he wanted a blue birthday party so that's what he got!

We couldn't love him more!


  1. What a sweetie. I love that he says "up you." My youngest used to say "hold you" when he wanted to be picked up!

  2. Such a handsome boy! I'm so glad you wrote down the things he says. I love that I recorded so many things of Cash's, too. I'll still be doing that with Wyatt. I love the "I so sleepy".


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