five on friday 3.24.17

Friday, March 24, 2017

Finally I'm back with a Five on Friday!  I started this one 3 weeks ago and finally am getting a chance to hit publish!  Just a bunch of random things, as usual...


I found a bra that fits!!!  And I ordered 2!  After I posted about my bra troubles last time my mom sent me a link to Thirdlove.  Who knew my mom was so "in the know?!"  So I did the fitfinder and it had options for all of my issues!  I ended up getting the 24/7 Classic T-shirt bra.  With free shipping and free returns, of course!  

I totally recommend them!  And if you use this link you get $15 and I get $15 too!  I could definitely buy some more!


A few weeks ago I went to my friend's wedding and used Rent the Runway for the first time.  And it won't be the last!  It was so great!  I chose a navy Rachel Zoe lace dress.  I ordered it in a size 2 and 4 and it arrived 2 days before the wedding.  Luckily it fit!  The reviews are so helpful so you have an idea of whether it's TTS etc.  I ended up wearing the 2.  (and FYI is ended up being about $50)

Total blogger fail but I have no full body pics with shoes, clutch etc.  And my only pics are at night at the reception with terrible lighting.  

I love my leopard clutch from Gray Monroe.  It was less than $30!  Such a steal!


The other week I was in Target (alone!) and needed hand soap so instead of rushing and grabbing the J.R. Watkins that I always use (and love!) I looked around a bit more and found the cutest white bottle with a bamboo top- Raw Sugar.  I was intrigued and it smelled amazing!  And it was 25% off using the Cartwheel app!  So I bought 2 hand soaps mango & coconut &  Lemon Sugar and a body wash.


Ugh- it's time to start showing some skin again and that means the dreaded- sunless tanner.  The lotion I used in the past hardly worked the last time I used it and let's be honest- sunless tanning sucks!!  The application, the streaks, the smell.  yuck!

But I know these super fair arms and legs could not be seen in the Florida sun so I decided to try (from Natalie's recommendation) Sublime Bronze sunless tanning towelettes.  And she was right!  They were easy to use, clear so not messy, and after 2 applications I had a nice tan!  So it looks like these will be my go-to this summer.  Now if only Costco would sell them- I need to stock up!

update*** You can get them here on amazon with a 20% off coupon so they're only $7.59!


If you follow me on Instagram (Pagmina) then you probably know that I've been talking more about essential oils and started another instagram (pagmina_oils) where I post almost everyday about how I use them.  

I'm officially in the obsessed stage.  I use oils throughout the day everyday.  I'm currently diffusing citrus fresh and peppermint as I'm typing this!

Oh and if you didn't see yesterday's post- my favorite toms are 20% off!  

Happy Weekend!

My favorite TOMS on sale

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My favorite TOMS are 20% off right now!  I just ordered another pair in the light gray.  I love the Avalon style- they are so comfy and fit me better than the original TOMS.

 Mine should arrive today!!

Friday Favorites: kitchen before & after

Friday, March 10, 2017

I had ideas for a whole five on friday post which I haven't done in forever but decided I'd focus on our kitchen upgrade and share some of my favorites from our kitchen.

Here are a few before pics.  

When I see these pictures all I see is orange!  That's what I always said- everything is just so orange!

And now the after pics:

Ok to be fair- the before pics look especially terrible because the lights were on and I took the pics with my iphone and the after pics are in natural light with a camera.  But still- just seeing this is so gratifying!  We are thrilled with how it turned out.

What we did:

1. Replaced the original builder's grade laminate with level 1 granite.  We were on a budget and didn't want to spend much since we aren't likely staying here forever!  I went to the granite store and said "I want the whitest and cheapest granite you have." And that's what we got.  I think it is called Dallas White.

2.  We had our cabinets painted white.  Our sweet painter had never painted cabinets before and I think it's safe to say he won't be doing them again.  I think he under quoted us for all of the work that they needed.  He spent a lot of time priming and sanding the cabinets, painting the cabinet boxes and then spraying them and doing a whole other coat once they were hung again and then touch ups.

We used Benjamin Moore White Dove and are very happy with the color.  

Painting the cabinets made a huge impact but if you look closely you can see some paint chipping off around the knobs from my nails.  They are not perfect and I'm sure they will need touch ups every few months, but it was definitely more economical and our cabinets were in really good shape so getting all new cabinets was never even considered. 

3.  Christian installed the white subway tile backsplash.  I was really pushing for hiring someone but he insisted he would do it better (perfectionist- he is!)  So the money we saved from that made up for the 3 full weekends that I had my kids by myself ;)  We chose grey grout to pull in the grey walls and grey in the granite.  I have never loved grey grout and usually preferred white (like in our old house) but I'm so happy we went with grey in this kitchen.

4.  Next I painted our Pottery Barn bar cabinets black and found some accessories for the floating shelves and finally found art that I love (from Target) for above the bar cabinets.

5.  Now I need your help.  We still have our espresso Pottery Barn table and espresso Target chairs and we just can't decide if we should paint them- black?  white?  or buy new?  And what color to buy?  We attempted many times, unsuccessfully to strip the table and stain it to be natural like the floating shelves and no good came from that (and a very frustrated husband.)  So what do you think?  I'd love to hear your opinions.

And I just can't find a mirror that I love to hang on that big grey wall.  I just bought this one from Target and love this one from West Elm but they seem like they're too small for the space.
Any ideas?

And if you haven't seen our previous house kitchen renovation you can click here to see our IKEA kitchen.

Hope you have a happy weekend!

Essential Oils Make & Take

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

In the past few months it seems everyone around me is talking about essential oils but most of them haven't tried them.  Oils have been a part of our life for about 3 years and I truly love using them.  
The biggest reason I love oils so much is because no matter the problem you feel like you are doing something to treat it or prevent it naturally.  The worst is being a mom and seeing one of your kids hurting or sick and you feel helpless.  But with oils you are armed with a bunch of ways you can support your whole family.

After talking about them to so many people and truly believing in them I decided to step out of my comfort zone (big time) and host a make & take so that some girls could try a few oils.  I feared that it would seem "sales-y" so I was very clear that no one had to buy anything.  One thing I really hate is feeling like you have to buy something.  

So I made a little chalkboard with recipes (inpired by @jlgarvin) and set out what they needed to make 2 roller balls and a linen spray.  

The girls loved it and were so excited about oils!   

I decided if I am going to promote these oils I should be able to support anyone who starts using them.  So I started a new IG where I will only post about how I use oils (@pagmina_oils) and I updated the tab at the top of my blog with more info about where to buy supplies and a link if you want to order oils through me.

I'm even hosting another make & take this weekend!  Let me know if you are local and want to come!  
 If you are interested I would be so happy to share the ways I use them with you!