five on friday 3.24.17

Friday, March 24, 2017

Finally I'm back with a Five on Friday!  I started this one 3 weeks ago and finally am getting a chance to hit publish!  Just a bunch of random things, as usual...


I found a bra that fits!!!  And I ordered 2!  After I posted about my bra troubles last time my mom sent me a link to Thirdlove.  Who knew my mom was so "in the know?!"  So I did the fitfinder and it had options for all of my issues!  I ended up getting the 24/7 Classic T-shirt bra.  With free shipping and free returns, of course!  

I totally recommend them!  And if you use this link you get $15 and I get $15 too!  I could definitely buy some more!


A few weeks ago I went to my friend's wedding and used Rent the Runway for the first time.  And it won't be the last!  It was so great!  I chose a navy Rachel Zoe lace dress.  I ordered it in a size 2 and 4 and it arrived 2 days before the wedding.  Luckily it fit!  The reviews are so helpful so you have an idea of whether it's TTS etc.  I ended up wearing the 2.  (and FYI is ended up being about $50)

Total blogger fail but I have no full body pics with shoes, clutch etc.  And my only pics are at night at the reception with terrible lighting.  

I love my leopard clutch from Gray Monroe.  It was less than $30!  Such a steal!


The other week I was in Target (alone!) and needed hand soap so instead of rushing and grabbing the J.R. Watkins that I always use (and love!) I looked around a bit more and found the cutest white bottle with a bamboo top- Raw Sugar.  I was intrigued and it smelled amazing!  And it was 25% off using the Cartwheel app!  So I bought 2 hand soaps mango & coconut &  Lemon Sugar and a body wash.


Ugh- it's time to start showing some skin again and that means the dreaded- sunless tanner.  The lotion I used in the past hardly worked the last time I used it and let's be honest- sunless tanning sucks!!  The application, the streaks, the smell.  yuck!

But I know these super fair arms and legs could not be seen in the Florida sun so I decided to try (from Natalie's recommendation) Sublime Bronze sunless tanning towelettes.  And she was right!  They were easy to use, clear so not messy, and after 2 applications I had a nice tan!  So it looks like these will be my go-to this summer.  Now if only Costco would sell them- I need to stock up!

update*** You can get them here on amazon with a 20% off coupon so they're only $7.59!


If you follow me on Instagram (Pagmina) then you probably know that I've been talking more about essential oils and started another instagram (pagmina_oils) where I post almost everyday about how I use them.  

I'm officially in the obsessed stage.  I use oils throughout the day everyday.  I'm currently diffusing citrus fresh and peppermint as I'm typing this!

Oh and if you didn't see yesterday's post- my favorite toms are 20% off!  

Happy Weekend!


  1. great list girl and ill def have to try those towelettes!

  2. Hmm, the self tanner towelettes sound like something I need to try!

  3. I'm interested in those tan towels. Applying self tanner is....not something I'm good at.

  4. I have used those tan towels-they really were a nice option compared to the icky lotions! I have never heard of that hand soap, but just the name of the scents and the packaging has me wanting to try it! Happy weekend! May need to check out that bra service as well-I have not bought a new bra since before kids and am living in nursing bras..yikes!


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