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Monday, June 19, 2017

I know I've posted about lots of sunless tanners in the past.  And earlier this year I posted about the towelettes and those were great because the color lasted for a week!  But the application was tough...and 9 times out of 10 I had streaks or missed spots and it was pretty apparent!

And you know I've been trying to switch to more natural options and less chemicals.  And sunless tanner is just gross, right?!

So the other week I saw someone post about this sunless tanner and I read lots of great reviews on amazon.

Then I looked it up on and it's rated a 1 so it is rated as one of the safest!  No brainer!

So now let's talk application.  It is white and thick.  So when I first applied it I felt like it was never going to be absorbed.  So I rubbed and rubbed and eventually just stopped and it absorbed by itself!

The best thing about it being white and thick is that I rubbed it in so much so I could easily see if I missed any spots.  And that means- I have a perfect streaks no white spots!
photo by carter
shorts and sandals linked in my last post

And I can't get over how tan I got after only 1 application.  White shorts are tough for me and I'm happily wearing them now!

Of course we have to talk about the smell, right?!  It smells like vanilla.  Crazy it does not have the sunless tanner smell!  Now I will say that later in the day I did smell it a little but it wasn't terrible.

And one last thing because I obviously have a lot to say about didn't stain my sheets!!  I always apply tanner in the morning and shower to wash it off before bed, but most tanners still stain my sheets...but not this one!

How can you not order it now after that rave review!?  Let me know if you get it and I hope you love it as much as I do!

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