favorites while at jury duty

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

It takes a day of being summoned for jury duty for me to finally blog again!  So hopefully I don't get called and I can just catch up here and link some things I've been loving lately!

***How crazy is this?!?!?  The courthouse has blocked "shopping" sites so I can't get on Old Navy, American Eagle, Nordstrom and Target so I'll fix those links tonight!

I finally found white jeans that I actually like and they're only $44!  They aren't sheer and actually pretty flattering and I've never said that about any white jeans.

And I love this embroidered top with them.

I almost bought the same embroidered dress too because I love it.

And since this is pretty much a J.Crew Factory (somehow they slipped through the courthouse no shopping rule!) post I might as well link the denim shorts I've been loving too.  They are so soft and comfy, but size down.  I also got them in white, but haven't worn them yet.

Every time I wear these slides someone comments on wanting them.  And they're so cheap and comfy!  Highly recommend.

I'm having such a hard time with swim suits, of course.  I'm all for one pieces with cutouts but it's been a struggle finding one that fits.  This Old Navy suit is super flattering when you're standing up, but the second I sit down the cut out gapes open, exposing everything!  I'm hoping a seamstress can sew in cups and figure out a way to keep it closed because I really like it.

I'm tempted to order this one and this one (from AE) is so cute and flattering but there is virtually no butt coverage.  I tried it on in the store and the size was too big- so I keep thinking that maybe if I got it in the right size it could work.  It's only $30 so I keep thinking about it!

And right now I have like 4 dresses in my Old Navy cart but of course, I can't link them or show you pics...

And if you follow me on Instagram (@pagmina_oils) you know that I'm loving essential oils!  I unintentionally started helping others get into them too.  I use them for pretty much everything and love how they can help our family in so many ways!

So I've now been sitting here for almost 2 hours and they haven't called anyone back yet!!!  I need a iced coffee stat.  And I refuse to get a vending machine coffee.  Come on lunch break or better yet...send me home!!!!

Thanks for reading, girls!  I hope to get back to the space more often!

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  1. I love essential oils too! You just need some calming oils for your jury duty! ;)


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