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Monday, September 25, 2017

Hey Ladies!  It has been a while!  Lately I've been spending more time on Essential Oils and posting a bunch on my oils IG account @pagmina_essentials.  

Yesterday I had another make & take and a few girls messaged me wanting the details.  So here you go!  

I've done a bunch of make & takes this year.  So each one is a little different.  This time most of the people I invited had either been to another one already and were interested or I had previously talked to them about oils.

So I eliminated the "class" at the beginning.  In most of my previous m & t's I did a short basics of essential oils class explaining what they are, how to use them, and why Young Living.  I keep it brief because I think most of the girls want to a learn a little, but primarily talk and drink wine.  Just sayin!  I try not to blab on and on!

Also in the past I had 3 specific products for them to make, usually 2 rollers and a spray or a scrub.  But this time I decided to make it much more customizeable.  So I brought out a bunch of my oils and all the supplies to make up diffuser blends, rollers, and a scrub or carpet powder.  Then they chose what the wanted to try or I asked what needs they had and then helped them figure out what to make.

Yesterday was primarily drinking wine, catching up, and making some rollers, scrubs etc-just how we like it!  

Here are some pictures!  


I wish all of you could come over and drink some wine and mix up some oils because we always have so much fun!  If you are interested but don't live in PA let me know.  I can do a facebook class or talk to you about how amazing oils are and how they have helped our family in so many ways.  I am happy to send you a roller to try too!  Message me and we can figure it out!

If you want more info on essential oils you can click here.

And here are some links of things I used:

The Green Market wooden crate  (similar)

The Green Market taller box (similar)

Wire Basket- Target dollar spot

Clear Jars- Target dollar spot

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  1. Hey there Paige! Saw your blog and it looks really good. You have done a really good job here and I wish you all the best :)


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