about me

Hi!  I'm Paige!

 I grew up in PA, lived in Washington, DC, New York, and Philly but eventually came back to my hometown. I worked for a few years in the beauty industry, but went back to school for my master's degree in education and then taught first grade for 7 years.

I met my husband, Christian on Match.com in 2008.

Then we got married in December 2010.

Then in May 2012 we welcomed our son, Carter Matthew.  
 His birth story is here.

Carter had reflux and/or colic as an infant.  I pretty much bounced and shushed non-stop for the first 4-5 months of his life.  

I started this blog because it was TOUGH during those first few months.  I felt so alone with my screaming baby.  I was not at all prepared for how difficult it was going to be and I felt like everyone else I knew or blogs I read had happy little babies who slept and "only cried when they were hungry."
(Those tough days are documented in 2012.)
Here is his first birthday party in May 2013.

I stayed at home with Carter for his first 15 months, but returned to work in August 2013.  I worked for about a year and a half.

Then in November 2014 Reid Alexander was born.
His birth story is here.

Thanks for following along with me!




  1. Oh my gosh! I just read this "about me" and realized we have so much in common! My husband and I met in 2008... got married in November 2010, had Mason in July 2012 and Mason had reflux too! Wish we had "met" back then and could swap stories and solutions!

  2. Though neither of my babies have had reflux, like Elizabeth suggested above, we have so much in common as well! Met my significant other in 2008 (May), married in 2010 (July), and first baby in 2012 (July)! And now boy mama x2 (soon to be x3)! I know we follow each other on IG but I loved getting to know more about you on here! :)


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