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In 2014, right before Reid was born essential oils were showing up on different blogs I was reading so I ordered a few so I could hopefully keep us from getting sick with Carter in daycare and a newborn at home.

So for a while I diffused an immunity blend and cleaned with lemon oil.  I loved it but never felt comfortable applying them topically or anything beyond diffusing.

Then in the Spring of 2016 I decided I wanted to learn more.  I needed some remedies for bug bites and poison ivy and I wanted them to be as natural as possible.

At the same time I read this article about how terrible it is to burn candles and that was the end of candle burning for me.  I almost always got a headache when a candle was burning at my house- it all made sense.

I hesitated for a while but after reading so many testimonies I decided it was time to jump all in!  And that's how I got into Young Living.

I ordered a Premium Starter Kit and have never looked back.

The starter kit is definitely the best place to start if you are serious about trying oils.  You get a Young Living diffuser and 11 different oils to try and other samples too.

If you want to order a premium starter kit I'd LOVE if you'd use my link below and I will send you some welcome goodies and you will then be invited to an exclusive group of many ladies who are so knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to all things oils!  I'll also send you many resources to help you as you start your journey with oils!

Click here:

Here are links for the products I use on amazon.  There are a ton of places you can get cute rollerballs and stickers, but for now I just use washi tape.

fractionated coconut oil
10 ml roller balls
spray bottles
 spray bottles for cleaning

If you want to follow along with me to see  how I use oils everyday follow me on IG.

E-mail me any time! I'd be so happy to answer any questions you have!

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