Here are some things that I truly love and totally recommend.  They are affiliate links so I receive a few cents if you purchase through my link and I sooooo appreciate that.  

I have a uniform every season and these are some of the pieces to my mom-uniforms.

Clothing: Fall/ Winter

These are my favorite everyday jeans.  They are so comfy and sometimes I don't even change out of my jeans when I get home just because they feel like wearing leggings!  I ordered my regular size although the info says order a size down.  I've worn them a ton and I usually dry them (gasp!) but they still look and fit great.

I have this in 3 different colored stripes.  I love that they are long enough and I love the boatneck.  I usually dry them but if I remember I put it on delicate.  I haven't noticed too much shrinking.

I love throwing these on over a striped shirt or sweater or workout top.  I hate big bulky coats and these are so much easier to move in and I love the fur lined hood that is also great to put up in the rain or snow.  

Cotton all the way for me.  I CANNOT stand wool.  I feel red, itchy patches forming on my neck just thinking of it.

I have these in 2 different colors.  They are super comfy.   A bunch of my friends have gotten them and love them too!


 I'll update for this year but last year I spent everyday in these J.Crew 4" shorts.  I struggled with finding the right length in so many stores but these are perfect for me.  

Random loves:

Anthropologie mugs- I rarely drink hot coffee but it is a little more enticing when I get to use one of these pretties!

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