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Dear New Mom,

In 2012 I started this blog (named New Momma Notes, originally) because I felt so alone and motherhood was not what I expected.  From night 1 in the hospital he screamed and screamed and screamed.  Those first 6 months were filled with so many tears (from both of us.)

I thought that this was just motherhood and so I just kept bouncing him and nursing him (the only time he wouldn't be screaming) all day and night.

I read different blogs and knew my friends' experiences were so different and it was so frustrating.

Everyone had advice, of course.  But that was even more frustrating because I knew that "making him sit in a bouncy seat until he stops crying" most definitely would not work.  He was attached to me all day and we did crazy ridiculous things to get him to sleep.

People ask how I so quickly lost the baby weight (and even more) and it's because I didn't stop moving ever.  I did squats and lunges to lull him to sleep.  Lady Gaga was on repeat for dance sessions and we found all the white noise sounds in the house (the vent fan on the stove, the fan in the bathroom, different apps...etc.)

Putting him down (in the Nap Nanny) was such an ordeal.  It's funny now looking back on these crazy things we did to get  him to sleep.  But it was so necessary at the time.

I really tried to be real with my feelings about motherhood here so that if any other mom was struggling she wouldn't feel so alone.

Now, almost 5 years later, whenever I hear of a new mom who's having a tough time I am the first one to e-mail or call just to say, I get it.  It's terrible.  But it will end.  I'm kind of a professional at bouncy fussy babies so I am so happy to give a tired mom a break from the bouncing.

So all of this just to say if you're having a tough time click through these links.  Maybe you can relate to them or maybe they'll make you feel better about your situation!

Please e-mail me ( or contact me if you want to chat or are having a tough time.  I'm more than happy to listen and offer some things that worked for me.

We moms, we've got to stick together.


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